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Choosing Alyssa as our photographer was one of the best decisions we made - our wedding photos turned out even more amazing than we could have imagined. Before we booked with her, she took the time to meet with us, learn about us as a couple and make sure she knew what we were looking for as our end result. She was great at communicating throughout our planning process and was prepared with suggested photo locations in the Charlottetown area based on our needs. On the big day she was extremely professional and made us feel so comfortable, constantly reminding us that it was our day and we could do whatever we wanted to do. She went along with all our crazy ideas, including running around to every table within the span of one song to get a photo with all our guest tables. Looking through the photos is like reliving the entire day - she captured the sweetest, most genuine moments between not only us, but among our guests as well which was really important to us 🤍

-Rebecca + Emily

Alyssa was such a great choice for our wedding photographer - from the start of planning we knew we wanted someone to capture the intimate moments of our day and someone who could roll with our laid back, easygoing attitude. We took a look at Alyssa’s previous wedding photos and knew she was the one for us based on the natural vibes! Before the wedding we met with Alyssa virtually to confirm all the details. She gave lots of great tips and made sure to confirm what was most important to us to capture. On the wedding day Alyssa made sure to give us all direction, but also allow the moments to fall into place naturally so we never felt forced or over posed. And we had a lot of fun laughing and leaping into each others arms! The sneak peak pictures were ready so quickly, and we were so excited to see the first record of our day - and it was perfect. She knew all the good spots to take pictures so we ended up with a great variety of beautiful backdrops. Overall, Alyssa managed to capture the pure joy and fun of the day, and we can’t thank her enough for being such an awesome photographer. 

-Jen + Will

We planned our wedding from Alberta so having a photographer we could rely on was a key element to planning our wedding. Alyssa was amazing to work with throughout the whole process. She does amazing work but she is also just a great person to work with. She made us SO comfortable and made the whole day (+planning process) feel so much more relaxed. Her package options were exactly what we needed and she was open to being a little flexible with additions for us as well! When we needed our engagement shoot to be within a 3 day window when we visited the island she had no issues making it work and finding the PERFECT location. She was able to pose us and help us to be less awkward. Looking through the photos she made us look AMAZING even though we had no idea what we were doing and needed ALL the direction. Our wedding day was PERFECT. She noticed at one point I was overwhelmed and pulled us to the side and took us off location to do our couple portraits to help me get away from the day a bit. She was so helpful to direct people and made sure to check in with me through the day and show me some of the photos she had taken. Our sneak peak is all we have so far (our wedding was just last week) and they are PERFECT. Her photography and editing style is FLAWLESS. I have nothing else to say but you will not regret using Alyssa for your event. I absolutely do not believe our wedding would have been the same without her in the process!

-Erica + Kelsie