and let the party begin! you've decided on forever. you have found your person, the one who you will forever steal snacks from, snuggle into, and maybe play rock, paper, scissors with over who gets to choose the movie tonight and who gets the snacks - whatever it is that makes your love and time together so special. this is what I document and what I love to freeze in time. the moments that will be shared for generations to come, that when you stumble upon a photo from your wedding day you instantly feel the emotions all over again. the timeless deep belly laughing, teary eyed speeches, secret glances, subtle hand holds, warm embraces, the joy, and the fun!

I want to document your love in its most natural state, let all the candid moments and emotions unfold with all of your closest people. I'll spend the day laughing with you and your closest loves, most likely hiding my tears during the day because god knows I am a softie deep down who just adores love. I want the crazy, the adventurous, the unique type of love that people truly thought only was in movies.

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