So you want to know a bit more about me!

Well to start off I'm based out of PEI, but I am actually from Cape Breton. My family moved here about 16 years ago and we go back to visit our family and house in CB during the summer-time!

I have two girls, Payton + Presley, if you follow along on my instagram you may see them from time to time!

I love photography, the idea of it, the meaning of it. The fact I get to capture and share these raw, and real moments with you is just incredible to me. I love to adventure around together, laugh, and just chat during the sessions rather than awkwardly pose you. Each couple's love is so beautifully different from the rest, and I have yet to run into a couple who is the same as the previous one. These are the moments I want to capture. What it is that makes you two, well you two.

and well, that's pretty much all about me.