I'm Aly, also known as Alyssa!

The base: sunsets fuel my soul, like our earth gets lit up and warmed by a floating ball of fire - that's magical and I appreciate every single sunset. I go crazy for flowers my house is constantly stocked with fresh bouquets and I die for the summer wildflowers every year. I also love some good food (who doesn't), and good company. I love to have big family dinners, get togethers with family, friends and celebrate anything and everything. Life is meant to be adventurous and filled with good company. Laughing. I laugh a lot and over the most random things, I love a good joke even though I am actually a poor joke teller. I love anything from classic TV shows to thrillers, comedies, and horrors although I really can get behind any good show or movie. Adventuring, travelling, sight seeing. I love it all. I have two girls, Payton + Presley and a little boy Oliver, if you follow along on my instagram you may see them from time to time.

I love photography, the idea of it, the meaning of it. The fact I get to capture and share these raw, and real moments with you is just incredible to me. Each couple's love is so beautifully different from the rest, and I have yet to run into a couple who is the same as the previous one. These are the moments I want to capture. What it is that makes you two, well you two. and well, that's pretty much all about me.